The Transition to Online

This past week, our dev team had to switch to remote learning due to the current situation in society. Because of this, we had to restructure our game plan and how we do meetings and work!

It was a big change, as most of us don’t have the same caliber of hardware to complete Camera Shy as planned. For starters, many of us have worse internet than before so downloading the repository takes forever. Some of us also now don’t have access to a virtual reality headset that we would use to play test the game.

On top of those challenges, we had to transition to online communication instead of physical meetings. These are handled through Google Meet. At first, this form of communication was weird to get used to. Things like muting when not talking is often confusing and not intuitive.

At the end of this first week online, we’ve figured out how to transition our workflow to be much more streamlined and focused than it was at the beginning. This is due to the work we did on optimizing our communications through the online tools available to us and by continuing to be motivated by the game itself.