The Oculus Start Program

Early on my team realized that we need to apply to get more development hardware. We had a serious lack of VR headsets, so we decided to apply to the Oculus Start program. This involved me creating a company website, working on a central brand, and also typing up important material on the game.

I applied to the Oculus Start program and heard back a few weeks later with a half-approval. It was contingent on us creating an Oculus Store build of our game, which we then did. This involved redoing the project using the Oculus SDK, but it was worth it as we then got accepted. From there, we applied to get 10 Oculus Rifts for development. On top of that, we get Oculus Go headsets, and free Unity Pro licenses.

Even though there was a miscommunication with Oculus giving us only 1 Rift by the end of the semester, the relationship we are forming will be beneficial for the summer and future VR games to come from our studio. We plan to get the other 9 Rifts by end of summer, and feel that we have enough headsets for development in the meantime.