The Concept

Snowball Showdown is the most intense, over-the-top snowball fight that players will ever experience. It is a VR game that emphasizes the playful nature of a snowball fight and mimics it in the virtual space, but it adds a new twist. All those rules stopping you from putting rocks and ice in your snowball? Gone. Anything is fair game, and we make sure you have the tools to do that.

Build Up Your Fort

Players can sacrifice snowballs to create fort blocks. They then move and stack fort blocks to build a fort. The player can also slash fort blocks into different shapes the hacksaw, allowing for infinite creativity.

Obtain Wacky Items

Using the “snow blower,” the player can obtain a variety of items to stuff inside their snowballs - such as rocks, knives, and sticks of dynamite. Each item has a unique effect on the snowball, ranging from more damage to explosives.

Annihilate Your Friends

Using the tools we developed, have a 1v1 showdown where the best person wins! Getting hit with snowballs or item effects deals damage to the player. Reaching zero health causes a player to be knocked out for the rest of the round.

Production Timeline

Snowball Showdown is aiming for a mid 2019 release. We have many of the core mechanics already implemented and tested. Networking is working with the 1v1 gamemode, and we are planning to expand to many other gamemodes before release such as 2v2, free for all, and many more complex gamemodes.


Scooping 100%
Item Combining 90%
Throwing 80%
1v1 Networking 75%
Fort Building 35%