The Concept

Snowball Showdown is an over-the-top, wacky, and competitive PvP game that emphasizes the playful nature of a snowball fight. All of those rules stopping people from putting objects like rocks, knives, and the neighbors cat in their snowballs? Gone. In Snowball Showdown, players can jam ridiculous and potentially dangerous items inside of snowballs to beat their opponent!

Build Up Your Fort

Players can sacrifice snowballs to create fort blocks. They then move and stack fort blocks to build a fort. The player can also slash fort blocks into different shapes the hacksaw, allowing for infinite creativity.

Obtain Wacky Items

Using the “snow blower,” the player can obtain a variety of items to stuff inside their snowballs - such as sticks of dynamite, squids, and acorns. Each item has a unique effect on the snowball, ranging from more damage to explosives to growing a tree.

Annihilate Your Friends

In Snow Globe Arena, players have a 1v1 showdown where the best wins! Getting hit with snowballs and their accompanying effects deals damage to the player. Reaching zero health causes one player to be knocked out, and one player to be victorious.

Target Platform

The game is intended for release on standalone platforms such as the Oculus Quest, and built from the ground up to run on mobile chipsets. We would also love to release on PCVR with amped up graphical fidelity. We expect the game to be exclusive to Oculus for now, as they are the biggest platform in the VR market with the most consumers, and have proper tools for networking and matchmaking that our game needs to function.


Attending GameFests

During the prototyping phase, we brought Snowball Showdown to several public gamefests. This included the 2019 Champlain Games Festival as well as the 2019 RPI GameFest.

We won 1st place for Best Digital Game at the Champlain Games Festival and won 3rd place for best game at RPI GameFest!

User Feedback

We have had over 250 people try our game prototype throughout its short development. During this time, we have consistently improved game feel. and polled people on how they liked the game. We were sure to iterate on the results and gain improvements in areas that needed them such as snowball feel.

Top Emotions

  • Excited
  • Energetic
  • Happy

QA Stats

No Motion Sickness 100%
Artstyle that Complimented Gameplay 100%
Loved Multiplayer 100%
Throwing Felt Good 92%

(Up from 63%)

The Dev Team

VCB is a very dedicated team focused on pushing boundaries in social virtual reality. We want our games to be played by people all around the world to allow new people to connect with each other. We are made up of 6 total employees with 5 of them being full-time.

We have had years of experience working together on different short-term prototype projects, and have learned the game development process with Scrum and Agile practices. Bringing everything we learned over to VR, Snowball Showdown is a showcase of how much we have learned as a team.

Production Timeline

Snowball Showdown is aiming for a mid-2019 release. The team has already iterated and tested core mechanics in the prototype. Our current focus is to continuing polishing those mechanics, and adding new wacky item effects for snowballs.

Networking is operational with the 1v1 gamemode, and we are planning to expand to many other gamemodes before release such as Hot Potato, 2v2, Instant Kill, and Custom Rules. We also intend to implement a singleplayer and multiplayer Horde mode, where players can team up to take on waves of enemies.

Operating Budget

Wage Expense Based on an 18 week development time
2x Programmer ($12/h full time) $15,120
2x Designer ($12/h full time) $15,120
1x Producer ($12/h full time) $7,560
1x Artist ($12/h part time) $3,780
Total $26,460
Operating Expense
LLC Formation $500
VR Development PCs $10,050
Maya Licenses $3,500
VR HMDs $3,000
Online Marketing $3,000
Total $20,050
~15% overhead
Total Investment $53,487