Senior Production Begins!

As a new semester begins, so does more work on Camera Shy. Last semester, we were lucky enough to get chosen to move forward in development. Because of this, our team has now expanded from its original 5 to a total of 12. This created a whole new set of challenges for our team to overcome during the first few weeks.

First of all, we had to onboard the new members. This involved team members transitioning into lead roles to teach and help facilitate a larger Sprint Planning meeting. This was really our first time to figure out where everyone’s unique skill sets would fit into the development cycle.

Before that though, we began by having a leads meeting with most of the original team members. This meeting was to help figure out what goals we wanted to outline to the team for the full meeting, while trying to save everyone’s time by not doing this with 12 people.

During this meeting we made sure the onboarding and team inclusion was a key objective for this Sprint. We were over doubling the team size, so we needed to make sure this process would go well. Once everyone started coming into the Sprint planning meeting, I was suprised how well it went. Thanks to our planning ahead, and the allotted time being flexible, we were able to intermingle between diciplins while leads managed their own subsets of team members. At the end of the first meeting, we had a solid plan of what to do.

During the week, this plan was executed very well. I believe all team members are now up to speed on where the game is at and where it will be going into the future. The next few weeks will still have many challenges to overcome, but there is one challenge we won’t have to ever worry about. Everyone on the team is happy to be working on the game, and get along better than anyone could have hoped for.