Preparing for Midmortems

We picked Snowball Showdown to polish for midmortems. In our game development program, this is where teams get cut in half for the most viable games to move forward. There was a lot on my team’s shoulders during this vital time. We knew how badly we wanted to make it through midmortem cuts so we could continue making Snowball Showdown the game we had envisioned it to be.

In exactly a week and a half, we had to polish our existing prototype from week one (my last blog post) and add a bunch of new mechanics and polish in order to prove that our design systems were able to be made with the current talent in the team.

In fact, we completely redid our game from the ground up to work with SteamVR and to use the physics interaction framework called NewtonVR. This helped us to implement the combining mechanics we so desperately needed to showcase in our vertical slice.

We also were able to begin developing our fort building system which was another key pillar of our game idea. We knew we wouldn’t be able to get multiplayer matches in our build before midmortems, but we did our best to showcase what it would be like once we got this vastly important feature in the game.

On top of creating a new prototype build, we had to create an 8-10 minute presentation to explain our game concept to the rest of the development studio, and to explain why we believe we are in a good place to move forward and expand our team. A big part of this was to convey the fantacy of having the most over the top snowball fight of all time. Thus, we devised a skit to showcase the power of virtual reality in our game. We met to cut cardboard headsets for each member of the team, and devise a compelling skit to demonstrate why a snowball fight in VR would be so much better than having one in real life.

We practiced long and hard, iterating on the presentation as well as our game, and went to midmortems on Friday, February 15th.