Our Midmortem Presentation

In the last post, I talked about all the ways that my team and I were preparing for midmortems. On Februrary 15th, we presented our game to the whole studio! Following our presentation, I will discuss what I feel like we nailed in showcasing our game.

The audience seemed to love our skit. It went over just as we wanted it to. We really wanted to convey the fantasy of our game. First by pointing out the fact that real life snowball fights never live up to the hype. Secondly by showing off how the power of VR can make a snowball fight even better.

I created the trailer the night before our presentation to showcase just how fun it can be to be frantically battling an enemy, as well as the music and sound effects. The thing that really made this possible was the addition of a fake player 2 by the programmers the night before. This allowed me to act out dodging snowballs with my own snowballs, and showing how the physics interactions would work out.

Following that, the designers went over the concept of the game, making sure to focus on the fantasy we were trying to deliver. I backed up their vision with real world information on the VR industry collected from several sources such as Road to VR and the Steam Hardware Survey.

The programmers then talked about what they have accomplished in the two and a half weeks it took to make this prototype. I talked about the product feasibility, then we touched on our production roadmap as well as the desired people we would like to join our team.

After this, we had our meeting with our local studio. We had 4 total games created and presented. After hours of discussion and negotiation, our game went though! A co-op horror experience also went through called Gaze of the Abyss which looks amazing as well. I am looking forward to expanding the team from 5 to 10, and also learning how to co-produce with another producer. All of this will be talked about in future blog posts. Stay tuned!