About The Project

MxRPC (pronounced “Mixer PC”) is an offline and mixed reality immersion prototype that allows someone to use their smartphone or tablet to learn about PC hardware, computer networking, and how to upgrade and repair common problems associated with those technologies. MxRPC uses augmented reality (AR) and engages the sense of sight, touch and sound to learn PC hardware and computer networking to become Mixed Reality (MxR). Augmented reality is used to superimpose a digital object within the real world so someone can touch and hold a virtual CPU or stick of RAM.  They will have a virtual AR computer to see how the parts all fit together and be able to identify each component.

The Capstone for the PC hardware learning module will be a mixed reality computer where students will assemble all the parts to and build a PC within an AR environment. They will also experience some challenges along the way which will help them learn PC repair and troubleshooting. 

The easy and inexpensive availability of tablets and smartphones allows this type of technology to be available to anyone and anywhere and can help train someone to be a computer support specialist. However, it can also be used to supplement general instructions about how computers work. Instead of discussing abstract content, teachers could select relevant modules from the MxRPC app that helps students visualize how computers work.

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