Midterm Report

Having gotten through alpha, we are SO excited!! This means our game has reached a point where it is completed in some form or another, and that the core systems are really starting to come together.

We have settled on having three fully fledged levels. The first being the bedroom where the game tutorial is and where the player will return each time they finish the other level with new hidden items. Second, the kitchen level where magical flying lanterns can be found as well as many magical creatures. Finally, the witch hut where the player can make potions.

The camera is consistent through all levels, with new lenses being added as the game progresses.

Our game has been progressing very quickly to completion with art being ahead of schedule and the rest of the game remaining on schedule. Not much polish needs to be done on the core mechanics to get them to feel truly great, so we feel a few weeks of polish at the end will be sufficient.