Brainstorming a VR Game

When our team of 5 decided to work on a VR game for our second out of three prototypes, I was super excited. Browsing other projects on my website, it should be clear that I am very passionate about emerging technologies such as self driving cars, electric skateboards, and virtual reality.

I have always wanted to be a project manager with a specialization in working with teams creating entertainment in virtual reality. In fact, that is why I choose to come to Champlain College to studio Game Management in the first place!

The team was discussing ideas for a new concept when my team member Joe mentioned how funny it would be for a game around the concept of mashing rocks inside snowballs. Keep in mind, he said this as a joke, but the team sat for a moment and realized how fun this could be in virtual reality. Thus lead to the birth of Snowball Showdown!

We instantly began brainstorming what this new game could be. I was facilitating the conversation, making sure everyone’s voice was heard, but it was one of those amazing moments when the whole team was on board with an idea right away. Without any convincing or further discussion needed, the fantasy was developed.

The tagline? “The most over the top snowball fight of your life!” What if all those rules and social norms preventing you from putting anything deadly inside a snowball were removed? This could lead to the most epic fight of all time, and we could build as many wacky things as would fit into the time constraints. We also knew that there was no better place for this fight to take place than in VR!

To conclude, we decided to go with Snowball Showdown, and develop it into a fully functional prototype. Next blog post I will discuss how it was developing this game in VR.