End of Sprint 5

I can’t believe five sprints have went by since the second half of Camera Shy development started! In these five weeks the team has had amazing accomplishments that I couldn’t be more proud of. I have been able to witness individuals step up and become amazing leaders, while also watching the new team members find their place in the project.

For example, Jamie became a bad-ass lead artist with her exceptional planning and management skills. This was especially amazing for me to see Jamie come into her own from her start as a shy artist in first-year. She now keeps tabs on all the art amazingly, and is the main reason we are ahead of schedule with all art assets. The art asset list is also something out of this world, and really helps to keep the additional artists on track.

I also have learned so much in managing such a large team. Although I worked in a large team last year on Snowball Showdown, nothing comes close to the amount of members in this project. The more busy the members are means I have to do more hands off managing of each member, and start transitioning into a real leadership role. This has been a hard transition for me since I am used to checking in with each team member individually, but it is a welcome change as this task was nearly impossible last project. Talking to leads I trust has given us a really refined management structure where most problems don’t get to even the producer level. I am always around to help out, but the fact that I haven’t been needing to shows that the team on-boarded these members properly.

The game has progressed to have the kitchen level completely redone with new level design, new artwork, and new animations. The mechanics are also getting tweaked and polished week over week to improve game feel even more from the last semester.

In short, I got to witness my team from last semester grow not only in the number of people, but the people in it. This was maybe the best part of working with this team so far. I look forward to keeping everyone updated!