Nearing Beta While Traveling Across Country

These past few weeks have been crazy for me. During them, Camera Shy was inching its way towards the Beta deliverable, while I was packing all my belongings, driving across country, and moving into my new home in San Diego.

During this time, I was doing all I could to keep a pulse on the team and to make sure that we were doing all we could to reach our beta deliverable. I did this by frequently checking up on our communication channels such as Mattermost while on the road, and by attending our Sprint close meeting the week I was packing.

I am now moved into my new place in San Diego with gigabit internet setup and a folding table supporting my monitors. This means I am ready to be back in the drivers seat on this project to see it through to the end of the semester. Thanks to Oculus Link, I will be able to play our recent builds and give critiques to the programmers for the first time since campus closed. I was stuck in Maine with little to no floor space before, but I now have an empty apartment full of VR space!

Going forward into the last two weeks, I am sure to keep the team engaged and motivated. I know how hard the societal situation is for all of them, but I refuse to let the game suffer greatly because of it. We are pushing forward like we always have, albeit this time with me being 3 hours behind.