The Oculus Start Program

Early on my team realized that we need to apply to get more development hardware. We had a serious lack of VR headsets, so we decided to apply to the Oculus Start program. This involved me creating a company website, working on a central brand, and also typing up important material on the game. I applied to the Oculus Start program and heard back a few weeks later with a half-approval. It was contingent on…

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Snowball Showdown Beta Postmortem

In doing our final team postmortem, we reflected on the project as a whole so far. We talked about what went right, what went wrong, and what we can improve on future projects in our careers. Starting with what went right, we felt like we really delivered on what we set out to achieve. Our game was mostly bug free, had a complete game loop, and was very fun to play. Everybody who plays the…

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Our Team Expanded, Now What?!

After our game went through the midmortem presentations, our team expanded from 5 to 10 people! This includes 4 designers, 3 programmers, 1 artist, and 2 producers. I had to ensure that this process went smoothly and that each team member had some sort of defined roles. To start, we reviewed the previous 5 person team's working agreement and I asked each person if there was anything they wanted to add or remove from this…

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RPI Gamefest

Our team decided to attend RPI Gamefest as we thought it would be a great opportunity to represent the college as well as to showcase our beta phase of development to the public for the first time. With our recent success at the Champlain Gamefest, we knew it was the right time to showcase yet again. Prepping for gamefest involved the team crunching the day before to ensure all the core systems were functional and…

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Champlain Game Fest

Our team decided to attend Champlain Game Fest to showcase our alpha build of Snowball Showdown. This festive is a one day, family friendly event featuring locally made digital and tabletop games in Essex Junction, Vermont. We were up against roughly 40 other games which were anything from VR games such as VR yo-yo game String Theory to co-op horror games such as Gaze of the Abyss. Setting up the booth took some time, as…

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Our Midmortem Presentation

In the last post, I talked about all the ways that my team and I were preparing for midmortems. On Februrary 15th, we presented our game to the whole studio! Following our presentation, I will discuss what I feel like we nailed in showcasing our game. The audience seemed to love our skit. It went over just as we wanted it to. We really wanted to convey the fantasy of our game. First by pointing…

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Preparing for Midmortems

We picked Snowball Showdown to polish for midmortems. In our game development program, this is where teams get cut in half for the most viable games to move forward. There was a lot on my team's shoulders during this vital time. We knew how badly we wanted to make it through midmortem cuts so we could continue making Snowball Showdown the game we had envisioned it to be. In exactly a week and a half,…

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Week 1 of Creating a VR Game

I recommend reading my previous blog post where I discussed the idea creation of Snowball Showdown, the first VR game that I am producer of! In essence, it is a game about the most over the top snowball fight players will ever experience. We were given a week to create a compelling prototype of our game to prove it is viable and fun, and here is the story of how that went. Beginning in the…

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Brainstorming a VR Game

When our team of 5 decided to work on a VR game for our second out of three prototypes, I was super excited. Browsing other projects on my website, it should be clear that I am very passionate about emerging technologies such as self driving cars, electric skateboards, and virtual reality. I have always wanted to be a project manager with a specialization in working with teams creating entertainment in virtual reality. In fact, that…

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