Week 1 of Creating a VR Game

I recommend reading my previous blog post where I discussed the idea creation of Snowball Showdown, the first VR game that I am producer of! In essence, it is a game about the most over the top snowball fight players will ever experience. We were given a week to create a compelling prototype of our game to prove it is viable and fun, and here is the story of how that went. Beginning in the…

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Brainstorming a VR Game

When our team of 5 decided to work on a VR game for our second out of three prototypes, I was super excited. Browsing other projects on my website, it should be clear that I am very passionate about emerging technologies such as self driving cars, electric skateboards, and virtual reality. I have always wanted to be a project manager with a specialization in working with teams creating entertainment in virtual reality. In fact, that…

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Forming a New Team

The creation of a new multidisciplinary team can go a number of ways. In my past production experience, I have had teams work really well together from the get go and also teams who struggled to work efficiently together. Ever since those bad experiences, I realized how vastly important it was to have a breathing document for the team to share their concerns and guidelines for functioning; I like to call this a working agreement.…

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Rubber Rapids

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfcJvNt0krU Concept Statement Rubber Rapids is an immersive racing game where you battle your opponents and the crazy river as you try to stay afloat! Suit up in your inner tube and control your character by leaning side to side. Avoid obstacles while bumping into your friends in hopes of getting ahead. If you fall too far behind, you will get swept up by the tidal wave and be eliminated from the race. If you…

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