Capstone – Final Reflection

Where am I now?  These past few years attending Champlain College, I truly have developed the skills necessary to manage diverse teams of different sizes. When I first got to Champlain College, I had managed projects before, but none to the same skill and dedication as here. Since coming here, I have obtained agile project methodologies which have become industry standard. This includes the Scrummaster Certification as well as the Product Owner Certification; both taught…

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Capstone – Step 3 Reflection

Introduction Let me start off by saying this. A TON has changed with the game’s identity as well as the team dynamic since my last reflection post – both for the better. In Step 2, our game was decidedly a camera game where we focused on polishing the polaroid camera feel and function while in VR. We were entering un-explored waters in terms of what gameplay could use this camera, and what should justify its…

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Capstone – Step 2 Refelection

At False Panda Studios, we are working hard to narrow down our ideas and select the best game possible to continue developing for capstone. We have realized that the “camera” mechanic that was prototyped in the detective game was amazing and showed lots of potential. For this reason, we wanted to focus our engineering time on this feature. We first wanted to go for more of a time travel theme where the camera was showing…

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Capstone – Step 1 Reflection

It is finally capstone, and my new team is focusing on VR yet again! This time around, we are going to be working on three distinct prototypes to decide the right genre for our team. The three we picked are as follows. The first prototype is about exploring the idea of a rogue-like in VR. This genre is often done in VR, but we want to sprinkle the additional mechanic if having all movement be…

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