Capstone – Step 2 Refelection

At False Panda Studios, we are working hard to narrow down our ideas and select the best game possible to continue developing for capstone. We have realized that the “camera” mechanic that was prototyped in the detective game was amazing and showed lots of potential. For this reason, we wanted to focus our engineering time on this feature.

We first wanted to go for more of a time travel theme where the camera was showing an alternate reality that the player couldn’t see. After that, the player would have the ability to switch between the past and the present to solve puzzles. From this, we figured out that we liked the alternate reality lens.

From there, we also realized that solving puzzles is something that feels really good to do in VR. These small interactions feel great in VR. This is much like Job Simulator which focuses on tiny puzzles and tasks for people. We ended up with a concept called “Capture the Moment” where the player goes around taking photographs using different magical lenses to see things differently. This concept allows us to iterate quickly on the core mechanics and fill out the game world as we go along.

As for how we are doing as a team, I believe we are in a better spot than in Step 1. We still have some slight communication issues but overall are working to rectify them together. One of these is the implementation of a Daily Scrum chat on Mattermost which will help all of us stay connected and will also have the side effect of motivating the group to get their work done earlier. Alongside that, we also want to focus on more work meetings as this atmosphere is great for team morral. The QA feedback we’ve gotten so far has been very positive and helps to confirm that we’re going down the right path with this camera prototype.

Personally, I am aiming to focus on motivating the team more by constantly checking in with each team member to get a better vision of where the build is at ahead of time. This will help when the team goes to QA as we will know we have a playable build. From there, we also want to continue increasing our productivity past where it is today. There are some things that still get done too late in the week, but are beginning to get started earlier which is nice to see.

As a producer, I will continue motivating the team and working on audio since that is a current hole in our team’s skills that I believe I can fill decently well. The market research is really starting to become relevant now that we have a chosen direction, so next steps also involve figuring out the true target market for our little game.

I couldn’t be more proud of the team so far. I believe we have had strong growth from all team members and that we are continuing to do better each week.