Capstone – Step 1 Reflection

It is finally capstone, and my new team is focusing on VR yet again! This time around, we are going to be working on three distinct prototypes to decide the right genre for our team. The three we picked are as follows.

The first prototype is about exploring the idea of a rogue-like in VR. This genre is often done in VR, but we want to sprinkle the additional mechanic if having all movement be physical instead of digital.

Second, we focused on the idea of physically running from a monster in VR in our horror hallway prototype. This prototype was super fun, albeit barebones.

Third, we focused on a detective game which focused on utilizing different lenses to see the world. This prototype showed the most promise, and also gave us core mechanics that could be used for future prototyping.

This first Step was all about forming as a team and figuring out workflow. I believe that we’ve put in the groundwork for a very highly functioning team, and we will need to continue to work on finding out the best ways to work with each other.

Core examples of this revolve around our communication methods. Since we all have other classes and personal work to do, it is important to find a meeting schedule that works for all of us. I have identified some core dates and times that seem to work out for all of us, but as always it is important to hold everyone accountable for these times.

The transition to Mattermost was pretty easy for the team. The hardest part was setting up notifications properly and making sure the team remembered to check the app every single day. By the end of Step 1, we were able to effectively use this new communication platform.

By doing these three prototypes, we were able to narrow down what we wanted to do with VR and better figure out reasons to make the experience on Quest or on Rift instead. During Step 2, we will continue narrowing down our ideas and getting better at communicating as a team.