Camera Shy Postmortem

From a personal perspective on me:

  • What went right about your development process?

This semester and year, I feel like I grew a lot as a team leader and a producer. I learned how to best be there for a team of such a large size while still finding my own work to do that was unrelated to team management on the project. By choosing amazing team leads, I was able to better understand the whole development team’s needs without having to constantly check up on every single person. I worked hard on deliverables such as the many videos for the senior show, and also worked hard on music and sound for the game to make it feel alive.

  • What went wrong about your development process?

During production, I think I was checked out for a brief amount of time once Covid-19 changed everything. This wasn’t intentional or really something I felt I could control as transitioning to remote learning was hard on my entire team. I however wish I could have been better in this regard to motivate the team to get out of the rut faster.

  • What did you learn that you can take with you as you begin a career in the game industry?

I learned so much about how to manage a project of this size and how to remain up to date from different disciplines. Although I will not be going into the game industry, I will be going into an ai software company which in many ways will run similarly to a game studio. I believe this experience and other experiences from Champlain will allow me to manage a diverse team no matter what the end product is!

From a team perspective:

  • What went right about your development process?

As a team, the project was stress free and well scoped. This is something not many can say about their senior game, but we are very proud of this fact. I believe if Covid-19 didn’t happen, we would have hit everything in our original project plan. We also believe the game came together really nicely towards the end. Although there were bugs here and there, we were able to get a fully functioning game before the end of the semester with a pretty decent level of polish which is something to be proud of. The positive attitudes of team members allowed us to have very few team conflicts which made management easy but also kept moral and motivation high.

  • What went wrong about your development process?

Funnily enough, most of the things that went wrong during this project are a direct result of the situation we are put in. For example, almost none of the team members have a VR headset. Also, the situation really threw off our flow that we had when meeting in person multiple times a week. We eventually got our footing, but it was towards the last few weeks of the semester making the progress important but not as fast as we would have liked.

  • What did you learn about team work that you can take with you as you begin a career in the game industry?

I learned loads about how to do remote work and manage a remote team, and I believe the whole team did as well. This helped us to get a work life balance and helped me personally to reach this as well. Team work is always going to be better than doing something alone, which I’ve learned in this project more than ever. There were things that others on the team do way better than me, and delegating tasks made this project a very enjoyable experience rather than a stressful one.

I leave this project with my dream job, and all the experience I could ask for to be prepared for it. Thanks everything Amanda and Paul, and thanks to Champlain of course for getting me to where I am today.