RPI Gamefest

Our team decided to attend RPI Gamefest as we thought it would be a great opportunity to represent the college as well as to showcase our beta phase of development to the public for the first time. With our recent success at the Champlain Gamefest, we knew it was the right time to showcase yet again.

Prepping for gamefest involved the team crunching the day before to ensure all the core systems were functional and working well. This included things such as health, networked player avatars, and once again ensuring the game was operational on a LAN connection.

7 of us headed out at 5 in the morning for the venue. Once we arrived, we setup our booth in the best place we could find. This was very difficult as the venue was setup for pancake gaming where each booth was very close together in a grid pattern. Our game broke that structure by rotating our table 90 degrees in order to fit two Oculus Rift setups for the 1v1 nature of the game.

Things started slowly at first with other booth members trying out the game. Reception was fantastic however, and everybody had fun. The mechanics were truly easier to understand and the bug fixing that occurred allowed for a smoother game play experience. We also added a tutorial screen that shows up at the beginning of play to ensure the player remembered the controls.

Next, the judges came. They actually seemed to have the most fun out of anybody who played the game. They were jumping around, catching snowballs back and forth. Overall, we were left hopeful that they enjoyed the experience.

Fast forward to the award ceremony. We received third place for best student game at the convention beating out several other colleges. This means we received 1000 dollars to help future development, and is also another indicator that we are onto a very unique idea with this concept.

Driving back, I couldn’t help but cry at how proud I was at every single team member. We really pulled off something amazing for Production II, and for that the team should all be proud.