Champlain Game Fest

Our team decided to attend Champlain Game Fest to showcase our alpha build of Snowball Showdown. This festive is a one day, family friendly event featuring locally made digital and tabletop games in Essex Junction, Vermont. We were up against roughly 40 other games which were anything from VR games such as VR yo-yo game String Theory to co-op horror games such as Gaze of the Abyss.

Setting up the booth took some time, as I had stayed up late the night before to ensure that the build was ready for prime time. This included doing several last minute changes such as adding in the new player model, as well as configuring our network code to run on a local area network so we didn’t have to rely on an internet connection.

After ensuring these changes were completed, I went to bed and woke up early the next morning to take the team to the event. 5 of us went, which meant we had to load up my car with all the equipment and also have it packed with people. 2 computers, 2 Oculus Rifts, 1 monitor, 1 TV, and all the additional things we needed for our booth.

Once setup, we had people playing our game for the entire day! It was amazing to see our game shown off to the public for the first time. Almost everybody absolutely had a great time playing, and several came back to play multiple times. Our game was especially popular with children, as they liked the playful and wacky themes in the game.

We ended up winning best digital game at the show, and I couldn’t be more proud of the whole development team for making this happen!