3 Weeks of Amazing!

Last post, I talked about on-boarding the 6 new team members onto the Camera Shy development team. That went better than we could have ever hoped for, and because of that we got to get right to work on building out the Camera Shy concept into a fully fledged game.

To do this however, we needed to do a whole lot of planning to make sure the game is built out in the right ways – while giving each team member a unique area of the game to oversee.

Week two began the planning phase with leads having meetings with their respective disciplines. Design, programming, and art came up with various plans on what they wanted to accomplish this semester. All of us then sat down as a team to discuss if these goals were aligned and how to best execute them.

One thing we noticed quickly was how limited our time really was this semester. Not only do we have to complete the game, but we also have PAX, GDC, and the Senior Show just to name a few! These shows will take up valuable development time, but are also necessary as many of my teammates are searching for game jobs in the real world.

Camera Shy is planning to attend as many conventions and be as out there in the community as possible, so even though it will take away some time out of developing new features and levels, we believe it is necessary to fulfill our mission of getting virtual reality into the hands of many more people.

Week 3, we focused on finalizing the timeline. We settled on adding two new lenses to the camera as well as two new levels for the player to explore! I am confident the team will be able to reach these objectives by the end of the semester, and I couldn’t be happier to be a part of this amazing team.