Snowball Showdown Beta Postmortem

In doing our final team postmortem, we reflected on the project as a whole so far. We talked about what went right, what went wrong, and what we can improve on future projects in our careers.

Starting with what went right, we felt like we really delivered on what we set out to achieve. Our game was mostly bug free, had a complete game loop, and was very fun to play. Everybody who plays the game falls in love with it, and that is something we are all very proud of. On top of that, we felt like communication was spot on for the duration of the project. Everybody would say when they were going in the build, what they were working on, and when they completed a task.

As with all projects, some things did go wrong. The majority of these points revolved around poor Unity project management in terms of the build either being restarted from time to time as problems arose, or also the lack of testing that was able to be accomplished each week. It was difficult to test often as we needed two programmers in the same room with two Oculus Rifts which were hard to come by. Overall, we did the best we could and ended up with a polished game.

We felt we could improve our pipelines early on in development so the repository went more smooth during the semester. This could have been done, as well as proper repository management with branches to ensure multiple people could work at the same time.

Overall, the team was impressed and happy with what they accomplished. I know I couldn’t be more proud of our beta build of Snowball Showdown.